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Solid understanding of the asset management industry and expertise in academic research are the cornerstones of our operations. We analyze the data obtained from in-depth interviews with special care and professionalism. Interpreting and communicating results is our area of expertise.



Our studies emphasize objectivity in design, execution, and analysis, adhering to top research practices. Interviews are confidential, one-on-one, and their content remains undisclosed to third parties. We consider our interviewees to be our committed partners

Promoting sustainable investing

The importance of sustainability in the investment world is continually growing, and we reflect this in our studies. Our unique role connects both asset owners and asset managers, fostering dialogue that enhances sustainable investment practices for both parties.


Customer focus

We provide personalized services from crafting research questions to detailed analysis of the responses. Our goal is to enable customers to enhance their operations using SFR's research. Together, we create qualitative measures and tools for ongoing operational assessment and improvement.