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SFR Alternative Managers

Research on Alternative Investments has been part of the annual Institutional Investment Services Programme since 2006. We explore the structure of alternative investment portfolios and analyze demand trends across niche institutional and private investor groups.

As the range of alternatives expands and the need for more sophisticated information grows, our detailed market research intelligence has become more and more relevant with its unmatched accuracy on the Finnish market.

In our pilot study on Alternative Investments conducted in 2022, we identified a lack of evaluation and information channels for managers and funds among alternative investors. This need in Finnish alternative investments is met by our new survey Alternative Managers.

Independent research intelligence is vital for making effective investment decisions. We aim to support the well-being of the Finnish capital market with our research and create opportunities for  growth and innovation.


Alternative Managers is SFR Research's new study enhancing investors' and asset managers' understanding of market trends in alternative investments as well as the strengths and weaknesses of asset managers in Finland. The study is conducted in cooperation with Finnish Industry Investment (Tesi).

Which investors participate?

A broad range of both private investment companies and large institutional investors have been selected to participate in the study, evaluating the asset managers they use based on the most critical criteria for their investment process. Investor interviews were conducted during the winter and spring of 2024.

Using extensive in-depth interviews, the study produces comparable data on the service quality of alternative managers based on key criteria defined by investors, and sheds light on the service needs and requirements of private and public respondent groups in fund and manager selection.


Who is the study for?

Independent and accurate research supports and enhances decision-making for the investor, making comparisons of alternatives more transparent than ever before in all sectors of alternatives from real estate funds to VC. We can also create more detailed and customized reports based on the research data for comprehensive analysis of a sector or a niche strategy depending on investors needs.

For an asset manager, the research provides a unique opportunity to show their quality to a wide group of investors on the study report. To support service improvements the report offers a detailed analysis of manager's and their competitors' service, based on criteria voted most significant by their investors. To make the analysis more relevant the managers also receive broad range of qualitative feedback in an anonymous form from investors. The intelligence provided enhances the the service provider's understanding of the market and significantly increases the chance for success in fundraising.


  • In-depth report on the quality of asset managers' services, utilizing peer reviews by asset class
  • Identification of emerging trends and managers
  • Comprehensive overview of potential service providers — including detailed analysis of niche sectors
  • Refinement of investment strategy leveraging the knowledge of a broad respondent base



  • A clear way to make your expertise known to a wider investor community
  • Identification of relevant investor groups and needs
  • Your strengths and weaknesses according to your investor's anonymous ratings - where are the competitor's strengths and how you could stand out?
  • Best practices in the fund raising — What is turning investors off on many funds?

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